Our Vision

Thriving local communities utilizing
cryptocurrency for commerce

At The Open Economy Initiative (OpEI), we observe systemic problems in the world economies that threaten all of us. New systems that empower the individual to break free into a new and open economy are being developed using Cryptocurrency.

We envision a future where international transactions are near instantaneous, transfer fees are minuscule, and money can not be censored or manipulated by a 3rd-party. A world where financial authorities and institutions must (by code, not just law) submit to rules that everyone participating in the economy agree to. A world where your savings can not be devalued by creation of money out of thin air. A world where everyone has the ability to leverage innovative technology and increase their personal liberty and sovereignty.

Our Mission

Evangelism, Advocacy, and Education of cryptocurrency based financial tools

The OpEI is dedicated to the empowerment of businesses and individuals safely, securely, and confidently to conduct cryptocurrency commerce. We work to foster communities both locally and globally by harnessing and promoting the best-in-class industry tools and techniques.

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How We Succeed

Working with the absolute best-in-class companies and communities

We partner with and foster local communities centered around our shared values. We add value in every way we can to grow, retain, and keep these communities active and engaged. We strive to have familial level of comfort, contentedness, and trust amongst everyone in our network. We move together towards our shared vision.

Our highly curated corporate partners and sponsors share our communities’ values. If we have a great fit, we offer our services that have been designed to take advantage of multiple opportunities within our network to showcase their products and services.

The OpEI enables our partners and sponsors to demonstrate how their services solve relevant challenges facing our industry, as well as share their insights and expertise for the collective good of the Open Economy we all endeavor to achieve together.

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